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Jade Leader

Sky Jade Specimen 5

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Specimen SKJSP5 has a front carved, undulating polished gem Jade surface showing quartz crystals both in long and cross sections. It weighs 657.5 grams and has a maximum height of 13 cm, maximum width of 10.5 cm and a maximum thickness of 4.5 cm. It free stands on the natural uncut base.

Our Wyoming Sky Zone has now been conclusively demonstrated as a primary source of one of the most unusual and unique nephrite Jades in the world, Jade which occurs concurrently with embedded quartz crystals. Current literature suggests that Wyoming Jades are the only such type of occurrence from any Jade districts worldwide, in addition to being the first Jades known to have formed in earth’s history some 2.4 to 2.6 billion years ago.

While historically, early specimens of such materials from the 1950’s were treated to show the quartz and jade relationship with simple slabbing, Jade Leader’s own testing and cutting capacities allow us to further curate unique hand harvested specimens with curved polished surfaces which both show the true depth of color and translucency of the gem nephrite Jade as well as more clearly show the relationship between the Jade and crystals in a flowing matrix.

Wyoming Jade. All of our Jades are ethically and mindfully hand harvested in our 100% owned mineral claims.