Our Product

Our stone testing was designed to showcase the types of finished artwork that can be created from our Sky Jades and Washington State Jades when carved to showcase color, texture and translucency.  The following categories of Jade are available:

  • Carving Blocks

Our carving blocks, showing large, clean windows with solid uniform colors, are suitable for carvings, large pendants and jewelry suites.  Some blocks incorporate the original white rind associated with the original jade formation.

  • Hand Gems

Our hand gems are the perfect size for general lapidary use - pendants, earrings, small carved pieces and cabochon cut gems.

  • Tumbled Stones

Our tumbled stones are smaller stones which have been tumbled to remove most of the natural rind or skin and reveal the Jade and its natural features.  Tumbling is done with vibratory tumblers with a 100, 220, 600, 1000 grit sequence and a quick diamond buff finish.  These stones are great as individual carving or lapidary pieces or for naturally shaped pendants, specimens, gifts or “pocket rocks.” Surfaces can be enhanced to higher polish with additional lapidary or hand work.

  • Specimens

Our specimens are individual stones that show either exotic shapes and evocative textures or a large number of imbedded quartz crystals. While most can be used for carving, these pieces are ideal untouched because of their natural and unusual beauty.

  • Slabs and offcuts

Slabs and offcuts result from the occasional stone product work that we do as part of our testing.  They are ready to be further used for pendants, carvings or lapidary work.