Our Story

The idea of establishing a modern jade exploration company came to our President in 2016, having recently competed as a Jade carver in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China at one of the most prestigious Jade exhibitions and competitions. In a setting where master Jade carvers from around the world competed, the magnificent carvings, from a vast array of jade colors and qualities, highlighted both the skills of the competitors and the beauty of the stone itself. The popularity of this art form was also evident in this large-scale exhibit visited by thousands daily.



The question arose then, about where these beautiful jades were sourced and whether there was an opportunity to be a recognized provider of high-quality stone. The President recognized an opportunity to establish Jade Leader as an explorer that would discover sources of this rare gemstone and begin supplying a worldwide gem, jewelry, carving and collector market.



Jade Leader was officially established in March of 2018.  Our first projects and exploration programs were in Washington State in 2018, with multiple discoveries of carving to jewelry worthy Nephrite Jade in numerous occurrences. Wyoming, USA also stood out as an ideal place to explore given its rich history as a historical producer, a business-friendly environment and close proximity to our head office.  Our group of professional geologists, with over 120 years of worldwide mineral exploration experience, could deploy to all our projects with rapid results.



Wyoming Jade is believed to be the oldest Jade in the world having been formed approximately 2.6 billion years ago.  Stories of the state’s legendary nephrite Jade discoveries date back to the early 1930’s to the 1950’s. 



The lure of undiscovered treasure beckoned.



Today we have begun to offer our responsibly hand-harvested Wyoming Sky Jade© as well as our Washington State Jades, from our mineral claims in the USA, to the world. Both our Washington Jade occurrences and our Wyoming Sky Zone now show all the signs of long-term production potential for our fine Nephrite Jades.