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Jade Leader

Sky Jade Bangle 10006

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The first of two bangles ever cut from Jade Leader’s new Wyoming Sky Jade © source to date, showcasing the Jade’s extremely fine grain, beautiful smooth finish and a vitreous luster only rarely seen in nephrite Jade anywhere in the world.

This bangle has an outside diameter (OD) of 73.5 mm, an inside diameter (ID) of 62 mm, thickness of 13.5 mm and weighs 51.6 grams.  It’s color ranges from a uniform deep forest green and in parts show subtle wisps of sage through the stone.

Unique, natural, directly from source and irreplaceable.

Shipped with a padded bangle gift box.

Wyoming Jade. All of our Jades are ethically and mindfully hand harvested in our 100% owned mineral claims.